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Chronic Dryness

Chronically dry skin (Xerosis) is commonly observed in patients receiving many types of chemotherapy and radiation, including epidermal growth factor receptor EGFR inhibitors. EGFR inhibitors are thought to cause growth arrest of the keratinocytes (skin cells) and initiate terminal maturation. Mucosal surfaces of the skin such as the vagina, mouth and eyes may also be affected.Chronic Dryness - Skin care treatment after radiation and chemotherapy cancer treatment

Because the chemotherapy chemical is widespread throughout the body, the damage to the skin may also be widespread. Damage to the skin cells will lead to a decrease in the skin’s ability to produce its natural moisturizing molecules, and to produce its natural barrier function that retains moisture.


Recovery by NeoGenesis is recommended to help restore homeostasis in the skin. Simple topical application of this product should help mitigate skin redness and irritation.

Intensive Moisturizer by NeoGenesis should also be used to help restore the skin’s own moisture, and re-establish the skin’s barrier function.

For irritated muscosal surfaces, such as mouth, vaginal, and nasal cavities,  we also recommend applying Recovery and Intensive Moisturizer to the area with irritation and sores.

Remember to use a sunscreen when exposed to the sun for long periods of time, and a humidifier may be a helpful addition to your home.


Condition: Chemotherapy

“Love it. I’m going through Chemotherapy and my skin is very dry, or I should say WAS drying out. This moisturizer has my skin soft and supple again.” ~ AS – Art of Skin Care

Product: Intensive Moisturizer

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