FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions



How do I become a Reseller?

You can sign up as a Reseller on our NeoGenesis Pro website: https://neogenesispro.com/registration/

Does NeoGenesis use embryonic stem cells in their products?

No we do not.  Our products contain the molecules released from adult human stem cells.

Where does NeoGenesis obtain the Stem Cells used for their products?

NeoGenesis gets the tissue that contains the Stem Cells from Tissue Banks within the United States.  The tissue is from donors that is carefully tested and the process is highly regulated by the FDA.

What does S²RM® mean?

SRM stands for Stem Cell Released Molecules.  The ² in our patented technology means that we use multiple (2 or more) stem cell types in our products.

What is the difference between Recovery and Booster?

Recovery and Booster are both excellent serums, applied after cleansing the skin and before Light or Intensive Moisturizer.  Recovery is our most powerful serum, with 70% S²RM® patented technology.  It is not hydrating or drying.  It absorbs completely upon application to heal and balance the skin.   Booster was created as an advanced serum at 40% S²RM® and also contains amino acids which provide support and sodium hyaluronate butyrate for hydration and a beautiful glide.  It is a luxurious serum and does double duty as a hydrating serum.

What is the difference between Booster and Skin Serum?

Both of these serums add hydration to the skin as well as our advanced S²RM® technology.  Booster is a more advanced serum at 40% S²RM® along with supporting ingredients to hydrate the skin.  Skin Serum is our original daily serum at 20% S²RM® in a natural moisturizing base.  For more advanced skin issues and conditions, choose Booster.  For skin starting to show signs of aging or damage, Skin Serum is the perfect place to begin.  Both serums create healing and balance in the skin with excellent results.

What is the difference between your moisturizers and your Barrier Renewal Cream? 

Moisturizers are used to rehydrate the skin and come in a variety of formats, from light lotions to heavy creams.  All of the NeoGenesis moisturizers, Light Moisturizer, Intensive Moisturizer, and Body Cream contain our patented S²RM® technology so along with adding moisture to the skin, they also help to repair the skin as the molecules deliver nutrients into the skin.  Moisturizers generally feel very soothing on the skin and take away that tight and dry feeling when applied after cleansing and serums.  Think of moisturizers as a way to quickly deliver moisture to the stratum corneum, or outer layer, of the skin.  While moisturizers feel wonderful and do provide benefits, they can’t totally repair the skin’s barrier if it is weak and impaired.

The barrier may become impaired for a number of reasons.  Regardless of why this happens, the end result is a “leaky” barrier.  When this happens, transepidermal water loss (TEWL), or the ability to keep water in our skin, begins to work less efficiently.  Water is evaporated at a high rate from our skin, leaving it feeling dry and looking dehydrated.  This sets up a cycle of developing skin issues.  What also happens is the pathogens that healthy skin keeps out of our system may enter much more easily, setting up the possibility of weakening our immune system at the same time.

Moisturizers only partially renew the barrier when it breaks down.  This is because 3 key lipids, in the correct amounts, are needed to actually heal the barrier over time.  These key lipids are free fatty acids, cholesterol, and ceramides.  All 3 must be present to repair the skin, as they are the lipids that the skin itself produces for the barrier.  These particular lipids can penetrate through the stratum corneum and enter into the living epidermal cells where they join with the skin’s own lipids and rebuild the membrane structures, filling in the gaps and thus repairing the barrier.

Moisturizers and Barrier Renewal Cream may be used together if desired.  The NeoGenesis Barrier Renewal Cream is hydrating on its own so a moisturizer is not needed.  It is a lightweight lotion, unscented, Oncology safe, and acne safe.  It may be used head to toe and is perfect for all skins, particularly those with chronic conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Do you offer discounts or coupon codes?

NeoGenesis does not offer discounts or coupon codes.  What we do offer is a 100% guarantee on our topical skin care products.

Are NeoGenesis products safe to use during pregnancy?

All NeoGenesis products are safe for pregnant women.  Use as you normally would as no changes are needed due to pregnancy.

Do you test your products on animals?

NeoGenesis has not and will not test any of our products on animals.

Which products would you recommend?

We recommend having a professional consultation to determine the best products for a particular treatment. Contact us at info@neogenesis.com.

Are NeoGenesis products Oncology Safe?

Yes, all products except the Enzyme Crème Mask are Oncology Safe.  The Enzyme Crème Mask would be safe to use 6 months after completing any cancer treatments.

Which products would you recommend for use during Chemotherapy or Radiation?

Our products are safe for use and we recommend having a professional consultation with us to determine the best products for a particular treatment. Contact us at info@neogenesis.com.

Which products should I use for bruising?

Recovery and Eye Serum are good for bruising to help heal the tissue, and to clear the purple and yellow colors in the bruise that are due to heme and bilirubin.

I don’t have an Esthetician.  How can I purchase your products?

You may purchase our products through our website at NeoGenesis.com or call our Customer Service at 858-751-4714.  We can also guide you to one of our skin care professionals that does phone/video consults if you prefer.

How do I return a product?

If you purchased your NeoGenesis product from a local professional, please return the product to them.  If you purchased directly from us, please call Customer Service at 858-751-4714.  If we want the product back for any reason, we will send a call tag to you.

Can I use NeoGenesis products with other product lines?

Yes you can.  NeoGenesis works beautifully with all other product lines.  The key to success is to use our serums first, then layer other products over our serums.  Because our S²RM® technology has its own delivery system, we don’t want to block the delivery of our serums with another product.  Please contact us for specific usage instructions if you have further questions here.

Are there any contraindications for using NeoGenesis products?

There are no known contraindications for using our product line.  We are the solution for all skin types, all skin conditions, and have no contraindications.

Why does NeoGenesis Recovery have an unusual odor?

NeoGenesis Recovery has a high concentration of the S²RM® stem cell released molecules comprised of a high concentration of different types of proteins that have a distinct odor. Further, so that this product can be used where scent-free formulations are required, NeoGenesis Recovery contains no scent that would mask the odor of the proteins.

Can NeoGenesis products be used on my animals?

Yes!  NeoGenesis works well on any cuts, scrapes, surgeries, skin sensitivities, abrasions, and more.  A bit of Recovery applied to your pets injury will help it heal quickly.