NeoGenesis Products for Oily or Problem Skin

Oily skin is the result of the overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands.  This skin must be treated gently and not subjected to harsh products and treatments or over-cleansing of the skin.  Aggressive treatments will make the condition worse as well as damage the skin over time.

NeoGenesis Cleanser is good for all skin types and all skin conditions, leaving the skin clean, nourished and prepared for the next step. Oily skin is not dirty skin.  Use our Cleanser twice daily as the correct way to approach oily or problem skin.

After the Cleanser, NeoGenesis Recovery, abundant in S²RM®  technology, is perfect to naturally restore balance within the skin, reduce inflammation and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).  PIH is the red and brown marks that remain from acne lesions and can be present on the skin for many months after the pimple is gone.  NeoGenesis Recovery used twice per day after cleansing will help to quickly heal the skin, thereby reducing the chances that scarring will occur.

People who have oily skin often steer clear of moisturizers, worrying that they’ll make their skin worse.  Oily skin doesn’t need more oil; however, it does need hydration.  Hydrated skin is a must for healthy skin. Keeping it hydrated will not trigger more oil production. Aggressively treated skin often appears oily and dehydrated at the same time. This will signal the hormones to produce more oil, keeping the problem ongoing. A light application of our Light Moisturizer or Barrier Renewal Cream may be used as needed after Recovery for any dry areas.

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NeoGenesis Cleanser


NeoGenesis Cleanser gently removes makeup, dirt, and excess oil without drying the skin or affecting the natural pH balance.  The skin is prepared for the next step in any home care regimen.

NeoGenesis Recovery


Recovery, our most advanced product, is a breakthrough treatment serum that improves all signs of skin aging, speeds the healing process and reduces inflammation.  It strengthens the skin, providing protection from all forms of damage.

NeoGenesis Light Moisturizer

Light Moisturizer

Light Moisturizer is formulated for those with normal to oily skin or who live in more humid climates. This light cream will hydrate, nourish, renew, and protect the skin through daily use.

NeoGenesis Barrier Renewal Cream

Barrier Renewal Cream

Barrier Renewal Cream is a lightweight, reparative cream that is good for all skin types, including acneic and barrier impaired skin. It is an unscented and non-greasy formula for dry, sensitive or irritated skin. Skin is renewed and repaired through daily use.