Christine Byer – My Favorite New Product – Master Esthetician with 17 years experience, Christine discusses her new favorite product. NeoGenesis Recovery is the most advanced stem cell product I have worked with. I’m getting great results with all skin: young, old, light, dark, acne etc.

Jeffrie Ann Chambers – Licensed Esthetician in Austin, Texas on Facebook Live discussing NeoGenesis stem cell technology products for age management, acne, rosacea and problem skin. Jeffrie Ann Chambers Skin Care specializes in corrective facial skin care and age management.

Veteran Indianapolis esthetician Christine Byer talks about her favorite new product in her skincare routine.  I am in love with this adult stem cell line. It’s by far the most advanced I’ve used in 17 years in practice. Love!

Carla Butts, Seattle based Master Esthetician, speaks about what she loves most about NeoGenesis products.

Michelle Ridley shares her positive experience and gratitude in a video message to NeoGenesis.

Donna Glazer, Skin Therapist in London, England, discussed repairing congested skin with NeoGenesis skin care products.

Donna Glazer, Skin Educator in London, discusses the topical application of NeoGenesis skin care products for aging and acne.

Amy Wall – Mindful Beauty Show – Stem Cell Science with Greg Maguire. Explore Stem Cell Research in skincare, find out misconceptions, and debunk stem cell myths with guest Greg Maguire.

WEBINAR: Stem Cell Science and Skin Care
What you need to know about Stem Cell Science and Skin Care featuring Dr. Greg Maguire. NeoGenesis Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Maguire gives a brief history about the current state of stem cell science in the skincare world.

Christine Byer – Product winner! NeoGenesis Recovery + NEXT GIVEAWAY. Christine Byer , Master Esthetician based in Indianapolis tells who won the NeoGenesis giveaway. Another giveaway next month for Neogenesis Eye Serum. My HOLY GRAIL EYE PRODUCT!!!

Christine Byer – Instant EYE LIFT – It’s NOT what you think – Indianapolis based Master Esthetician Christine Byer with 17 years hands on experience talks about what’s working for her skin now. NeoGenesis, calcium, magnesium water, Volcanic Origins.

GIVEAWAY & Update on NeoGenesis -my fave new antiaging line – Master Esthetician Christine Byer reviews her favorite new powerful human stem cell skin care line, NeoGenesis.

RESULTS ARE IN 12 Day Home Use Microcurrent Challenge – Christine Byer, Master Esthetician in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Christine Byer, Master Esthetician based in Indianapolis tells who won the NeoGenesis giveaway. Another giveaway next month for Neogenesis Eye Serum. My HOLY GRAIL EYE PRODUCT!!!

Master Esthetician Christine Byer, based in Fishers/Indianapolis Indiana discusses her new loves in the professional skincare field. NeoGenesis is cutting edge human stem cell based line that is my new holy grail line.

In this short talk for Oncology Spa Solutions, Steve McGee, Dr. Greg Maguire, and Pam Vendetti give a brief overview of stem cell science and how the NeoGenesis products work with and help Oncology patients to feel better more quickly.

To learn more about NeoGenesis oncology safe skincare products, please visit:

Webinar by NeoGenesis Inc. on Spa Love – Amy Wall Chat Room. In this Webinar, Dr. Greg Maguire, Founder and Chief Science Officer provides a brief overview of the Science involved with the creation of NeoGenesis products. Pam Vendetti, our Lead Esthetician and Educator, describes the protocols for Estheticians and Professionals to use during procedures with clients. Steve McGee, President and CEO of NeoGenesis Inc. discusses what you can expect from NeoGenesis, our passion and mission.

Testimonial of NeoGenesis skincare products.